We are excited to launch a website for ED Sports. ED Sports are Ireland’s leading hockey and cricket store and they learned about how beneficial it would be to sell their products online. They specialise in everything hockey and cricket and feature some of the top brands such as, Osaka, Adidas, Grays, Gryphon, Kookaburra, Nedstar, TK Hockey, Mercian, Brabo, Ritual, Malik and OBO.



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What did ED Sports need?


ED Sports first needed a website designed. We researched what designs and features were the most attractive and engaging which resulted with the following design.


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Once we designed the website we moved moved on to implement a shopping feature called WooCommerce, this feature makes it possible for customers to place orders on the website.

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We then segregated the website into two different parts, a hockey store and a cricket store. This would allows us to make it much more easier for customers to find what they want, and to not get mixed into looking at hockey stuff if their goal was to find cricket stuff. 


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But how will customers find the website? 

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In order for our website to be visible on the web, and for it to findable by people interested in hockey or cricket, we needed to target the google search engine, this is where we will rely on being found by people who use the internet to look for hockey or cricket goods.



seo dublin

To do this we installed the Yoast plugin on the website, The Yoast plugin which assists in making the website appear for particular searches that people interested in hockey or cricket would make.

The outcome of the work we did for a client was successful. We set them up with an attractive easy to use website that helps users achieve their goals smoothly, and then we also set the website up for ranking on google for various words that interested customers would be searching for.

The outcome for the client is that they are now equipped and are properly able to tap into the web to generate sales.


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