As we said in our Choosing a Website Design Company article; The preparation is key for a smooth website design and development project.

But do you know if your are being advised on the best process?

The process should start with a honest conversation around your requirements, goals, objectives, and desires for your web presence, but most importantly the needs of your target market. 

Based off that you should be advised on best practice, trends and innovation to achieve the above (always with the end user in mind).

Followed by a design phase; the company should provide you with clear visual aids of what the website will look like, aesthetically, and perform like in terms of function. Once this is signed off and you are happy the root goals are being satisfied you will be responsible for producing the “content”.

Wikipedia defines content as “Web content is the textual, visual, or aural content that is encountered as part of the user experience on websites. It may include—among other things—text, imagessoundsvideos, and animations.

Attentive website designers will help you through this content collection and creation process, giving you some industry hacks as well as recommending some good value resources like Shutterstock for imagery for example.

Once your content is ready the development process begins, you will usually have little to do here, until the first draft is ready for you to review and critique.

After you have reviewed the website and are happy with the outcome comes final testing on all devices and browsers, and issues are rectified and the site is launched by submitting the sitemap to search engines and hosting the website on a live server which your domain name is pointing to.


The Following graphic is the process we follow here in Boom 22. In our opinion this is best practice. We advise,. weather or not you are working with us, you should be using the same or similar to ensure you achieve your goals on time and in budget.

Website Design Process


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